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Teacher Resources

If there are any useful links or documents that you think should be added to our teacher resources, contact the webmaster.

EDUCATEAlabama Login enter your self assessment and professional learning plan.
EDUCATEAlabama Information this site has the latest information on EDUCATEAlabama.  Watch great Alabama teachers just like you in the video section. Click here to Download the Continuum and begin your Self Assessment.
Great new technologies--most are free.
Strategic Teaching Materials  Cullman County's Board of Education has created a comprehensive list of strategic teaching materials.  Great stuff.

The Alabama Virtual Library is a free online database that collects thousands of research materials and is accessible to anyone in the state of Alabama.
The Alabama Learning Exchange is a site offered by the Alabama State Department of Education that includes collections of materials that are useful for teachers and parents alike (including lesson plans!).

APT Plus is Alabama's way into the discovery network (Discovery Education).  It offers free downloadable videos, images, writing prompts, quizzes, and more. It requires a login, but it's free for teachers.

Thinkfinity is the ultimate resource for teachers. Downloadable lesson plans (aligned to Alabama standards), printable materials, interactive lessons, and more reviewed by experts and completely free.

Teach-nology offers free online materials for teachers and administrators including lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, games, and more.

Webquest.org offers thousands of free webquests as well as tools to design your own.  You can browse webquests by subject, grade level, or search for key words.
Graphicorganizers.com offers tons of free, printable graphic organizers.

Strategic Teaching Strategies are a big emphasis at Good Hope High School.  Here are some sites that offer these strategies:
Reading Quest
Just Read Now!

Hippocampus is a great place to find free resources, texts, and videos for high school subjects.

ClassTools.net allows you to create graphic organizers and generate other tools for free.
Education World offers "techtorials"--technology tutorials on how to use software and use it in your classroom.

Microsoft in Education
 offers free online tutorials for using Microsoft products.

Technology in Motion and the Intel® Teach Program offer free, high-quality professional development opportunities for any teacher who is trying to implement technology into his/her classroom.  They'll even come to you!
Google Docs is a free, online, collaborative office suite like Microsoft Office.  It offers a document program (Word), a spreadsheet program (Excel), a slide show program (PowerPoint), and forms, all of which can be shared with collaborators.   It's all free, but you have to be online and have a Google account to use it. View a tutorial for teachers.

At Google for Educators, you’ll find a teacher’s guide to Google Tools for Your Classroom. And to spark your imagination, you'll find examples of innovative ways that other educators are using these tools in the classroom.

Education Place offers free graphic organizers and other resources for teachers.
The National Archives offers free resources for teachers including lesson plans and links to original source documents.

Edutopia is the official website for the George Lucas Educational Foundation, and it offers free resources to teachers.

Watch Know offers categorized and searchable educational videos.

Internet 4 Classrooms offers free online technology tutorials for teachers and links for internet resources.