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Scholars' Bowl

Scholars’ Bowl is an extracurricular activity for which a student must qualify. Students in grades 8-11 are eligible to tryout for the fall competition season.

Sponsor:  Ann Harris

2014-15 Scholars Bowl Team
Krystian Doss - Captain (12)
Kyle Johnson (12)
Miranda Southern (12)
Daryn Freeman (11)
Nick Martin (11)
Pao Vaughn (11)
Bailey Brand (11)
Chandler West (11)
R.J. Bynum (9)


Students must be in good standings in both academic and discipline areas in order to tryout for the team. Students must have an 80 average in core subjects.

 Team Size:

Depending on student interest, the team size may vary from 6-12 members.  The team may be divided into an A team and a B team if necessary.


The Scholars’ Bowl team will meet once a week either before or after school for practice. We use a number of books and resources for practice questions.  To supplement the practice questions, team members are expected to watch the news and be up-to-date on current events. 

Competition season matches are held on Thursday afternoons at Wallace State College during the first semester. Team selection for matches is based on highest scores at practice before the Thursday match.  The team captain will select starters and substitutes for the matches.

The team participates in several tournaments including the Cullman County Tournament and invitational tournaments.  Tournaments are usually scheduled on a Friday or Saturday. Tournaments are usually January-April. Students must attend 50% of practices and must attend one match (either as a starter or observer) to qualify for tournament attendance.


Runner up ASCA Small School Tournament
Wallace State Community College